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  • Working at my own pace over the past year, I have worked with Helena to transform my insights and concepts of developing a unique Art-based Social Skills model for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Helena embraced my concepts and supported my visions in a most positive and comforting way. Her insights and feedback allowed me to believe in my own potential. Through her caring guidance and influential leadership, I was able to set goals that furthered my concepts into a unique model of services, that set the foundation of my own Business Plan.

    As an Artist, I have spent many years reflecting on business concepts, and lots more procrastinating on how to make it happen. Helena challenged my restrictions, motivated my potentials, and allowed me to see my concepts as marketable strategies.

    Jeff GuyMA, Art Therapy Consultant, Founder; Art·filter Studios
  • “Dr. Knörr has been a source of inspiration for me and so many other graduate students in the Organizational Leadership program at Point Park University. She understands the importance of self-development in a person’s ability to lead. As a result, she looks beyond text books and challenges students to dig a little deeper and expand their horizons. Dr. Knorr’s classes were the most rewarding and eye-opening classes I took in my years at Point Park and will continue to be the classes I look back on when moving into a leadership roles.”

    Camille GuillotMBA, MA Channel Marketing Manager Southern & Northern Europe, Middle East, Africa and India at GFI Software
  • “Helena presents herself as a very energetic, positive thinker, and results driven consultant. She helps businesses improve performance through an analysis of existing problems and the development of future plans.”

    Gonzalo CembreroPallantia Restaurant Business Owner Pittsburgh, USA
  • “Helena is the person I seek when I find myself at a crossroads, both professionally and in life. She listens deeply and seeks to understand first. Not only does she see my path well before I do, she helps me prepare for it and encourages me to think big and to be the best version of myself. She is a generous, loving, free spirit who never ceases to inspire me. I am forever grateful to you.”

    Ariadna Font LlitjosPhD, Director, Emerging Technology Experiences, Science & Solutions, IBM Research