Helena Knörr


“Leadership is about building bridges through heart, word, and action.”

Helena Knörr is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Business at Point Park University, USA, and Entrepreneurship Professor at University of Salamanca, Spain, and a Consultant. Knörr holds a doctorate in Human Resource Education from the University of Minnesota. Helena worked several years in Spain, as a freelance photographer, archeologist, museum educator, basketball coach, and manager in the service industry. In the US, while pursuing her Ph.D., she worked for Inlingua International, teaching Spanish to executives of multinational corporations; created, developed, and taught, a Spanish program for employees at Ford Motor Company, MN. She also worked as Spanish teacher, and Portuguese tutor for the University of Minnesota. With a multicultural background from Germany, Italy, India, and Spain, she considers herself a global citizen. She was born in Mozambique, and grew up in Portugal and Spain, and now lives between the US and Spain. An entrepreneur in spirit and an inveterate passionate traveler, Helena has been to 26 countries, and speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Dr. Knörr has developed entrepreneurs in the Caribbean region, Central and South America. She has conducted workshops, for entrepreneurs, government officials, business professionals, and educational institutions, in Mexico City (Mexico), Medellin, and Villavicencio (Colombia). She has been recently invited to Argentina (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo) to teach workshops on entrepreneurship development.

In Europe (Spain), she has conducted workshops for the creation of new business opportunities, and continues to develop training courses for professionals seeking career changes, executive coaching, and leadership development, as well as for businesses, government institutions, and universities. She has provided her services in Madrid, Barcelona, Vitoria, Palencia, Valladolid, Burgos, and Valencia.

Dr. Knörr has contributed to the development of entrepreneurs in the African continent (Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, and South Africa), and continues to foster their development serving as mentor, and consultant.

helena-knorrIn the US, Dr. Knörr works as global assessment consultant for PCI, where she performs high end interviews for hiring top talent in multinational corporations in 4 continents. In addition, as independent consultant she has worked for businesses in the US (for profit and non-profit organizations). Dr. Knörr is currently consulting in organization development for a non-profit organization with nearly 3000 members, by helping them develop a strategic plan, designing their leadership development programs, providing executive coaching, and creating tools for implementing a successful growth plan. Dr. Knörr has consulting experience in strategic planning, organization development, leadership development, career development, executive coaching, small business development; entrepreneurship development for government, businesses, and educational institutions.

As an academic at Point Park University, Knörr initiated the MA in Organizational Leadership (MAOL), as Program Director in 2006. She currently teaches in the MAOL, and the MBA on site, and off site programs, at US Steel, ERT (Health MGT Services), and GAI consultants (Engineering and Environmental), in Pittsburgh. Knörr has conducted workshops on Team Building and Conflict Resolution for the City of Pittsburgh Major’s office. She has also published numerous articles, presented at conferences, and conducts workshops internationally (Spain, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, US). She is an active member of two Latin American Organizations: Red EmprendeSur and Onward International, professional organizations devoted to the development of ethical and sustainable businesses. Dr. Knörr received a grant from Onward International, and obtained an International Certification in Sustainable Development of Business and Leadership in 2013, in Washington DC.

In addition, Dr. Knörr is a certified yoga teacher, an amateur marathon runner, and volunteer with the One Team organization, a European non-profit basketball organization devoted to enhance the lives of youth at risk.

My philosophy and approach to consulting

I’m a firm believer in the power of education. As a consultant, I drive my passion to inspire individuals to grow and embrace their journey ahead with courage, determination, and persistence. “Live to your ideals always” that is my motto. One cannot fully embrace their potential unless he/she fosters development in all areas of life.

My approach therefore utilizes a model that looks at the individual, the leader, the entrepreneur, the organization, with a holistic perspective.


To empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the 21st century, by providing them with tools, skills, and experiences that foster their development. As a consultant I listen deeply to the needs of the client, and deliver customized services, based on practices well grounded on theory, with a holistic approach that allows individuals and organizations to develop to their fullest potential and commit to life long learning experiences.



To empower individuals to grow to their fullest potential, using integrative holistic approaches, that respect who they are as human beings.


To develop leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations that promote organizational cultures that foster human development in all its dimensions.


To create a global network of individuals, communities, and organizations that embrace and support their commitment to ethically sustainable practices.


To inspire life long learning as a dynamic process of self exploration and growth in all dimensions of life.


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